Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Vehicle Rentals Terms & Conditions

  SEG offers point-to-point direct transfer rates, hourly rates, and daily or evening rates. Posted rates on our web site should be considered only a guild line and act as a rough estimate. Please contact us for an exact rate via our "Free Quote" links listed beside the vehicle of your choice. Bookings made without a written special request will be considered a point-to-point direct transfer and will be noted on the customers contract as "(Transfer)". Direct transfer trips will indicate a time frame in which the vehicle is booked for, however this does not entitle the client to 1 full hour as the time frame is for internal purposes only.
  Customers are billed from the time the vehicle arrives at the pick-up location, until the time of the final drop-off time with applicable hourly minimum, and no less the time previously reserved. Note that time in between a pick up or drop off may not be charged depending on your reservation type. Fractions of an hour are rounded to nearest 15 minute increment. Excess time is charged at the nominal hourly rate plus applicable taxes, gratuity, and possible fuel surcharge ONLY when and if available. A minimum number of hours billed applies for certain charters as disclosed by the reservation personnel at the time of the reservation.
   Some holiday bookings may incur additional surcharges or increased driver gratuity. Inquire by phone for details!
   All rates are calculated in the local currency and billed in CDN dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.
   All deposits are non-refundable. Some exceptions apply.
   The services can be paid for by cash, credit card, PayPal (online billing). Some rentals may require a specific type of payment method. Please inquire via phone for the details.

Vehicle Damage / Cleaning

  A damage deposit is required to be collected by the driver at the beginning of the charter via credit card. Credit card damage deposits require a credit card and one piece of Government Issued Photo ID to be present along with the person in which the cards belong to. Please inquire as to how much your damage deposit may be as they fluctuate from $300-$1500 depending on the length of your charter and which vehicle you're in. Note: Damage deposits are NOT the maximum we will charge in the case of major damages or delays caused by a group. We reserve the right to charge up to $5000 for damages, and/or loss of income resulting from any vehicle damage caused by the customer.

The customer (on board passengers, or the third party engaging and paying for the charter) is deemed responsible and will be charged for damage repairs and excessive cleaning expenses caused by the respective customer, including but not limited to:

  glassware breakage, smoking, excessive mess and spillage or vomit: up to $1000.00 breakage, burns, tears, and other damage to the vehicle and its equipment: up to $5000.00 .
  the full repair/ cleaning cost caused by intentional damage/ vandalism, or by opening a door into a stationary or moving object, will be charged to the customer and/or deferred to the local law enforcement agency towards full recovery and/or criminal prosecution.
  we reserve the right to allow an affiliate to process a charge for damages / cleaning using their own methods to receive payment (ex: cash, credit card, cheque, bank draft, collection agency, court of law).

Cancelations / Chargebacks

SEG does NOT offer any sort of cancelation/upgrade/downgrade period on any Limousine or Party Bus charters. Please make sure to ONLY reserve a Limousine or Party Bus through SEG if you're 100% committed to the times / vehicle / price agreed upon. SEG reserves the right to prosecute unpaid cancellations by law and through collection agencies.

Charge backs / cancelled checks will incur fines in the amount of 5% per day compounded daily on the entire amount of the transaction before tax. with no maximum limit. Addition administration fees plus collection agency fees will also be passed onto the customer including but not limited to court fees. Accidental / intentional charge backs and cancelled checks will be treated the same unless the customer complies with SEG staff and our methods of expediting the funds back into our account.

Termination of a Charter

SEG reserves the right to interrupt and/or terminate any charter without refund, and/or call for Police assistance if the Chauffeur or Dispatcher on duty have been verbally or physically abused or threatened by the customers on board, or have reasons to believe that the safety and integrity of the SEG vehicle and passengers are endangered by the customers' behavior , or if the aforementioned SEG representatives have reasons to believe that the customers on board are in possession of any illegal material and/or substance. Moreover, SEG reserves the right to refuse service at its sole discretion.


  SEG shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to weather, traffic and road conditions, vehicle feature malfunctions (ex: cd, dvd, ipod, tv, lighting, ac, heat etc.) and/or breakdowns.
  SEG assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings, or any items left in the vehicle.
  SEG cannot be held liable for missed flights, missed events (ticketed or other), or missed connections due to circumstances beyond our control (ex: weather, vehicle malfunction/breakdown).
  Some charters may require a 19 year or older chaperone. It is the customers responsibility to provide a chaperone if all of the guests on board are under the age of 19. Please inquire as some vehicles are ok without a chaperone.
  Some vehicle options may not be available unless requested in writing. Options include but are not limited to tv(s), dance pole(s), dvd player, ipod/mp3 connections. Please inquire for more details on the specific vehicle you're interested in prior to proceeding with a reservation. Vehicle option requests must be written into the comment box of the free quote form upon making a reservation. Requests are not confirmed unless stated on your contract/payment link email.
  All communications with SEG including but not limited to phone and email communication will be recorded for security and training purposes. You and anyone representing you and your account with us are agreeing to our terms and conditions once you submit the free quote form online.
  Any form of reservation(s) for any venue/nightclub/restaurant are made on behalf of the customer free of charge. We do not guarantee any reservation(s) and advise that the customer contact the venue/nightclub/restaurant well in advance to confirm the details we submitted on the customers behalf. Any warrants or promises made to the customer by an SEG staff member should be authenticated by the customer via the venue/nightclub/restaurant prior making a reservation through us. Please contact us anytime for the appropriate contact details for the venue/nightclub/restaurant.

The vehicles provided might not be identical with the vehicles featured on this web site. SEG reserves the right to upgrade the vehicle provided to accommodate a client's reservation at no charge to the client, if deemed necessary. Upgrades are considered of equal or higher value and may not be an indentical product. Vehicle type & colour are not guaranteed unless noted by an SEG representative in writing. Any disputes with service/vehicles, must be taken care of directly with the company that owns the vehicle that was used for the service in question. SEG cannot be held liable for driver/vehicle owner (company) errors.

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